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Services Include

Nodding Dog is a multidisciplinary creative and production studio with locations in Surry Hills, Sydney and Newcastle, Australia. Established in 2002, our goal is to make your project connect with your audience in innovative and creative ways – that look awesome! (and sell more stuff).

We work with you and your marketing team to help produce collateral that pushes your market presence and public perception to the next level.

Creative Direction

Thinking of ways to visually communicate an idea is something we love to do and there is no shortage of inspiration in each of our departments. Our team is constantly inspired by all areas of the arts; illustration, design, film, music, writing, photography. Collaborating together and with the client, discussing thoughts and directions and executing the final ideas are all in a day’s work.

Brand & Identity

Obviously, your business shines the most when you do good business. Great feedback creates great word of mouth which creates repeat and new customers and keeps your world going ’round. But if you want your business to really sparkle, an outstanding logo and branding will have you outshining all the rest. With over 100 branding projects in our portfolio, we are experts in polishing rocks into diamonds.


Once a campaign idea gets the green light, it’s all stations go. Casting, locations scouting, prop sourcing, and lighting are just a few on our list of things to do. We thrive on getting the initial illustration of the idea on paper to the real deal on camera. From videos to flyers, if your campaign needs a refresh, we are lights, camera, action! ready.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design here is a chemistry between the clients’ concept and expectations and our ideas, inspiration, experience and passion. Its thinking made visual, and we like to think we’re pretty darn good at it.

Video Production

We have a team of incredibly bright, funny, innovative film makers who are more than capable of documenting and producing videos on many scales. From grass roots music videos, educational animations, television commercials and corporate videos, we can help your business come to life.


In one form or another the team here are all animators. Unique and wonderful illustrators all come with their own style of drawing, and there are many styles to choose from. Along with those who know how to make the characters and objects come to life, we have a very strong and charismatic animations crew.


Co-ordinating and scheduling any production takes a team with good communication, great task handling and positive thinking. We are apt at writing scripts, managing talent, and location scouting which together, along with executing the final idea, makes our production value quite high.

Web Design & Development // Mobile

Websites these days are just a basic part of life. They are a necessary part of running any business; of communicating with potential customers, making sales, educating the masses on who you are and what you do. The importance of having a simple yet effective website is something we completely understand. Our team here design, build and program websites conducive to your needs.


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