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Emirates // Animation

What we did

Creative Development
Graphic Design
3D animation
2D animation
Script development
audio production
motion graphics


marketing research
corporate communications

Our good friends at TNS Global, one of the largest research agencies worldwide (it’s on their website), required an end of year internal promo video for their client Emirates. Yes, the airline. With an awesome brief, they wanted something cool, animated, fun and oh, done in 2 weeks! Being the nice people we are, we decided we didn’t need sleep and that the abstract world of low-resolution polygons and stylised signage was the way to go. ND pulled together a cool animation, the client was stoked and the world was a happy place.

Following on from that, TNS needed a “straight forward” 40 slide powerpoint presentation turned into a work of animated art. Nodding Dog was the obvious choice for such a task. We created an engaging and visually interesting animation that explains the importance of market research.

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