When good nights turn feral //

Responsible Alcohol Awareness Campaign

What we did

Creative Direction
Advertising Campaign
Visual Effects
Copy Writing
Graphic Design
Trading Cards


Community Awareness

I’ll admit it. At ND, we do like a drink or two… with lunch… and dinner… and usually any time in the PM. So when we were tasked with the job of creative development on an alcohol responsibility campaign, we told the client not to be a cock… and they thought that was awesome!

Using our collective brains and years of experience in alcohol related industries, we strived hard for the one true solution… and when we couldn’t find it, we decided that animal heads are the way to go. “When in doubt, use animal heads” is the unofficial motto at ND. With some hard work, photography and photoshop, we crafted some cheeky posters that even an alcohol-addled patron would find amusing. Success! ND were even interviewed on TV and radio!? (For the record, we believe it was a slow news day)

End result? Client is happy and ND managed to use the words cock and ass in a government backed project which is now being rolled out across the region. Everybody wins.

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